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THIlogoTrout Headwaters, Inc. (THI) is an industry leader in sustainable approaches to stream, wetland and habitat restoration, renewal, and repair.  As one of the oldest professional firms in the industry we’ve consistently pioneered state-of-the science technologies and processes.  Building better tools and techniques for industry, government and non-profits has long been a mission of the firm.   As we move into our 20th year, Trout Headwaters is proud to have worked for so long and with so many, to create real and positive environmental change – one project at a time. We hope you’ll consider contacting us today to discuss your restoration, conservation or mitigation project.

THI is proud to have worked with and partnered to support government and non-profits across the U.S. including The National Mitigation Banking Association, The Engineering Research and Development Center, The Corps Network, TechLink, American Conservation Experience, and others.  And we’re grateful to continue to work with some of the finest private companies, vendors, and suppliers in our space today.  Without these partnerships too numerous to list here, and without so much support, none of this good work would be possible.

Most especially, we’re grateful to the many Trout Headwaters clients across the U.S. who have supported our firm and the environment by investing in resources which only gain value with each day.  Without your commitment to improving the land and water, our nation would be a lesser place.  >About THI Clients


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