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Free Download – Yellowstone River Guide Book

Download your FREE guide today!Trout Headwaters, Inc. is pleased to support free downloads of Your Guide to Conservation, Recreation, Education and Resources – The Yellowstone River Guide Book.  This beautiful concise guide gives you everything you need to plan your Yellowstone adventure. More, it provides stakeholders with valuable conservation information and many resource links to insure this national treasure is forever conserved and protected. Enjoy a digital copy with our compliments  >Free Download

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Sprague Elected to Lead National Mitigation Banking Association

From Left: Don Ross, Donna Collier, Randy Vogel, Michael Sprague, Bart James

National Mitigation Banking Association Board (NMBA) Officers from left: Don Ross, Donna Collier, Randy Vogel, Michael Sprague, and NMBA Executive Director Bart James

Michael Sprague of Trout Headwaters, Inc. was recently elected President of the National Mitigation Banking Association’s (NMBA) board of directors at the association’s annual meeting and conference held in Orlando, Florida.

The 15-member board is made up of environmental professionals from across the U.S. working to support and enable stream, wetland and habitat restoration. NMBA works to satisfy federal wetland and stream requirements within the Clean Water Act, federal species mitigation requirements within the Endangered Species Act, as well as biodiversity and other conservation needs for private and public lands.

“We are thrilled Mike has agreed to lead the association this year,” said NMBA’s immediate past-president Wayne White of Sacramento, California“Mike’s tireless work on the board the last few years, especially last year as vice president working on strategies for data analysis, industry tax incentives, marketing and growth of our association, and improving regulation and regulatory review has been a tremendous help in solidifying the NMBA’s standing with Government and Regulatory agencies throughout the nation, ” he said.

Restoration, enhancement, and preservation of important wetlands, streams, or other habitats are the backbone of the industry. Sprague’s company, Trout Headwaters, Inc. has pioneered sustainable approaches to stream, wetland, and habitat renewal and repair since 1995.

“I’m humbled and honored to be asked to help lead the National Mitigation Banking Association Board at a time when our industry’s work is so valued by both government and the conservation community. My fellow board members and NMBA’s broader membership have proven to be fine industry stewards, all giving of their time and extensive expertise to help restore and protect water and vital species habitat throughout the U.S.”  More via Ecosystem Marketplace 

The NMBA brings together leaders who are committed to restoring and conserving America’s wetlands, streams, and other habitat resources – a concept that unites sound economic and environmental practices. First established in 1998, the organization promotes federal legislation and regulatory policy that encourages mitigation banking as a means of compensating for adverse impacts to our nation’s environment.

To learn more about NMBA http://www.mitigationbanking.org

For more on Trout Headwaters, Inc.  http://www.troutheadwaters.com

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United Offers GreenTrees for Cleaner Skies

PhotofromGreenTreesAn innovative approach to Carbon Capture has spread to the wild blue yonder. In honor of Earth Month in April, United Airlines is obtaining carbon offsets for all passengers and crew on every flight of the 737-900ER – aircraft #432. Carbon offsets alleviate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing emissions from other sources.

Additionally, through a partnership with Sustainable Travel International, United’s passengers will be offered the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint associated with their air travel through the purchase of carbon offsets created by the innovative work of GreenTrees.  To date, GreenTrees’ Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem (ACRE) project along the Mississippi River Valley has planted over 36 million trees on nearly 100,000 acres along the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. United’s support will allow GreenTrees to accelerate its success in emission reductions from 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to entirely new levels of conservation impact.

You can read more at:


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U.S. Restoration Workforce Training & Deploying – Waders in the Water

Waders in the Water graduates install restoration work on Kern Meadow

Waders in the Water graduates install restoration work on Kern Meadow, California. Photo Credit: American Conservation Experience

This Interactive Map shows Conservation Corps with personnel currently trained to support stream, wetland, estuary, and shoreline restoration projects through a unique public-private partnershipTrout Headwaters  is a proud partner of the program. To contact a ready workforce nearby for your project, just point and click on the interactive, mobile display above.  To learn more or to support the Waders in the Water Program  >Contact Us

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Mullica River Wetland Restoration – New Jersey

Mullica River Restoration Project

ACE AZ Director Jordan Rolfe, ACE Southeast Director Adam Scherm, and ACE volunteer Bhriana Malcolm complete an ‘H’ brace

American Conservation Experience is currently at work in the state of New Jersey, restoring a wetland area along the Mullica River. The project is a collaboration of for-profit and non-profit organizations: GreenVest LLC is the sponsor and experienced leader in ecosystem restoration projects; Trout Headwaters Inc is a Montana-based industry leader in sustainable stream, wetland, and habitat restoration; and the New Jersey Youth Corps, a ‘second-chance’ program which offers youth aged between 16-25 the opportunity to both earn a high school-equivalent qualification, and gain work skills, through meaningful community service.  The collaboration is a result of an important public-private partnership intended to train the next generation of conservation stewards.  >Read More

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Wetland, Stream, Species – State of the Markets

State of the Market Technical Memo - THI Internal 20150223_Page_1The NEW comprehensive State of the Markets report for Wetland, Stream and Species Conservation Banking shows ecosystem market trends,  regional breakdowns, credit transactions, permitting trends and more for this fast-growing industry.  The low-cost, high-value report provides more than 30 charts, graphs and maps detailing the mitigation and conservation banking industry across the U.S. through 2014. See Report Details> State of the Market Specifications.

“An up-to-date, valuable and comprehensive tool for anyone in the mitigation and/or conservation banking business.” – Rich Mogensen, Mogensen Mitigation

And for those looking to move their work to a new level, this latest report has been released with a FREE fully interactive 30-day DEMO for www.ecobluanalyst.com enabling you to drill down on any of the various markets or even explore emerging market-based conservation opportunities.  See > Top Ten Reasons for Using EcoBlu Analyst.  This bundled report AND data capability is unlike anything else in the space today and available for your immediate download and use. >Subscribe

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GreenVest Restores Precious Resources – Time Lapse Video

GreenVest LLC demonstrates that one may indeed put back what man has altered (and in under two minutes)!   Watch Pleasant Grove 2012-2014 HD from GreenVest LLC on Vimeo.

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This just in from Innovate Montana!

InnovateMTPhoto“There are times when the facts about clean, fresh water’s crucial role in our society – and its relative scarcity- can feel daunting.  But, ultimately, this is the type of challenge that inspires true creativity and problem solving from Montana’s entrepreneurs.  Mike Sprague and his colleagues at Trout Headwaters, Inc. (THI) are exactly the type of problem-solvers that can help tackle a major issue like sustainable approaches to stream, river, and wetland renewal and repair; ensuring Montana’s top industries like agriculture have the resources they need to thrive in the future.”  >  Read More

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Billions Moving to Fund California Water Projects

California’s  Proposition 1, known as the ‘Water Bond,’ passed in November’s election. The measure provides for $7.5 billion to fund water projects and programs addressing water conservation and recycling, groundwater cleanup and water storage — all pressing concerns as California continues in a deep drought.
The bond allocates money to different types of programs including,  $1.5 billion for watershed restoration programs, which may include increasing river flows for wildlife.  >Read More via HuffPost http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/04/prop-1-water-bond_n_6097526.html

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Roads Predict Impacts on Biodiversity

The University of Washington’s Journal Conservation reports recently “that our habit of leaving roads in our wake pretty much everywhere may be the best predictor of our effect on the world around us.” Quoting the authors of the study “Road networks predict human influence on Amazonian bird communities,” Proceedings of the Royal Society B who note that “Biodiversity loss may occur directly via road-kill events, disturbance or pollution, or indirectly by stimulating and facilitating loss of habitat, and forming barriers to dispersal and gene flow.“ > Read the Story

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