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Environment First – Private Capital Restores

EIPNYTStoryThe New York Times recently covered the important environmental work of Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP), highlighting their massive coastal restoration project in Louisiana.  So while a slow mix of restoration process and politics continue to grind and jockey in the Mississippi Delta, EIP is at work today physically restoring damaged and degraded resources.

Restoration and conservation work going to the ground is ‘rubber meeting road’ in terms of our increasingly at-risk environment, and in terms of our future.  Like many other coastal, river, and wetland restoration projects being installed today across the U.S., the work is funded by private capital.  For EIP, this important effort near New Orleans and others are financed by a $181 million dollar investment fund.  Private sector capital is being increasingly deployed to repair and offset impacts caused by human activities.  >Read More via NYT http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/13/us/equity-firm-restores-louisiana-marshland-to-earn-credits-it-can-sell.html



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New Blog Serves Up Energy Policy in Digestible Pieces

For most of us issues surrounding energy and environmental policy can seem overwhelmingly complex and overly political.  A new blog, “Energy and Environmental Policy Alternatives,” by Gene Burden, seeks to untangle and clarify these issues in a way everyone can understand, and provide a nonpartisan forum for serious dialog and reflection.

Burden is a former Senior Vice President of Federal and State Government Relations for a Fortune 150 energy company with more than 25 years in the energy sector.  He also served as Alaska’s Commissioner of Environmental Conservation.  His blog adeptly tackles complex issues like the Keystone Pipeline and Arctic oil exploration with unusual insights.

Read more: http://geneburden.wordpress.com/

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