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Tensions Still High over Trinity River Restoration Plan

The Times-Standard reports that tensions are still high over stream restoration work underway on the Trinity River in California.  Fishing guides and landowners are not sold on the work to date by the Trinity River Restoration Program, and want the Trinity Management Council to hold off on additional work until the project effects can be evaluated. 

Despite concerns, the council has cautiously approved moving forward on a portion of the work. The Trinity River Guides Association and California Water Impact Network have said dumping gravel in spawning runs and the use of heavy equipment is doing more harm than good.

Read more: http://www.times-standard.com/localnews/ci_19687277
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Fishing Guides, Conservationists Ask for Moratorium on Trinity River Channel Projects

Fishing guides float and fish our nation’s rivers every day. Because of their familiarity and concern for the resources they fish, guides are often able to spot early problems with stream and river health. It’s unfortunate that a notable number of poorly designed stream restoration projects can actually cause greater harm to an already compromised resource.

The Trinity River Guides Association and the California Water Impact Network have expressed concerns that restoration projects may be causing harm to the river. The two organizations have asked the Trinity River Restoration Program to take a break to determine if river restoration projects completed to date have met their objectives or had unintended impacts. The letter points to excessive gravel introduction into the river channel as well as numerous side channel failures.

Read more: http://www.c-win.org/content/trinity-river-press-room-c-win-and-trinity-guides-ask-moratorium-trinity-river-mainstem-proj

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