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U.S. Regulatory Update – 2015 Ecosystem Banking Forum

The 2015 National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida May 4-8.  Founded in 1997 with a diverse steering committee of regulators, bankers and Michael Sprague.Oceanographic Museum.Submarineenvironmentalist, this is the first – and only – National hands-on conference for mitigation, conservation and ecosystem banking that focuses on banking to protect wetlands, endangered species and other natural resources.

We hope you’ll make plans to attend the Friday morning Regulatory Update moderated by Michael Sprague, President of Trout Headwaters, Inc and featuring officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. >See Detailed Agenda http://www.mitigationbankingconference.com/mitigation_agenda.htm or >Register for the conference http://www.mitigationbankingconference.com/mitigation_registration_fees.htm

From the Field Today – Red Eft


This eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) is  common to eastern North America.  This land dwelling bright orange juvenile, known as a red eft, paid a visit to a Trout Headwaters technician during recent site work in North Carolina.  The newts frequent small lakes, ponds, and streams or near-by wet forests. They can coexist in an aquatic environment with small, noncarnivorous fish, as their skin secretes a poisonous substance when the newt is threatened or injured. They have lifespans of 12 to 15 years in the wild, and may grow to five inches in length.

A Community on Ecosystem Services – Washington DC

ACESvisualRegistration is now open for one of the world’s premier ecosystem services conferences. ACES 2014 will highlight policy, best practices, and emerging science in the ecosystem services community. In anticipation of ACES 2014, several reports and tools will be released in conjunction with the conference, including the FRMES Guidebook! Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of foundational discussions that will shape the future of ecosystem services, register to attend today. More via www.conference.ifas.ufl.edu/ACES

To schedule a meeting with Trout Headwaters, Inc representatives at the December conference Contact Us.

Industry Support Grows for Aquatic Restoration Partnership

WadersintheWaterTrainingcopyright2014THIWashington, DC – September 2, 2014 - Aquatic restoration businesses continue to express excitement as Youth Corps nationwide are receiving training and certification for climate-ready aquatic restoration. Graduates of the Waders in the Water training program, created by The Corps Network and Trout Headwaters Inc., will be skilled in aquatic safety, knowledgeable about installation techniques, and ready to provide business and government reliable restoration on streams, rivers and wetlands across the U.S. This industry-recognized credential will build important bridges to enable youth to enter conservation careers by learning how to improve the health, productivity, and climate-resiliency of our streams, rivers, and wetlands. >Read More via http://corpsnetwork.org/industry-support-grows-restoration-private-public-partnership or See Video Clip of several Corps members at training



State of the Markets – Latest Mitigation Industry Report

State of the Markets CoverTrout Headwaters, in conjunction with the National Mitigation Banking Association is pleased to release its annual “State of the Markets” Report for 2014 showing trends in Wetland Mitigation Banking over the period from 2000-2013 with updated data provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  This concise report is available only to THI clients and partners interested in the latest statistics and trends for the growing industry.  To request a copy by email info@troutheadwaters.com

Benefits of Big Data for Environmental Management

In a recent interview with McKinsey’s Rik Kirkland, Fred Krupp of the Environmental Defense Fund points out that what gets measured, gets managed.  By serving markets increasingly interested in green goods and services, the advent of big data presents opportunities for businesses to improve their bottom line and the environment, he says.  >Read Full Story


Trout Headwaters, Inc. has pioneered big data systems for industry and private users enabling comprehensive analysis of various environmental data sets across a broad range of ecosystem services and markets.  Leveraging the capability to relate many, many, layers of complex data will continue to provide unique insights for our firm and our customers. Get your interactive tools today!  >Learn more about EcoBlu Analyst 

Trout Headwaters Started with a Customer Before a Company

Michael Sprague.Oceanographic Museum.Submarine

Michael Sprague in an early submarine, Monaco Oceanographic Museum.

by THI President and Founder, Michael Sprague

At Trout Headwaters (THI) we have a “customer-first” philosophy.  But considering our firm’s fortuitous beginnings, we really couldn’t have done it any other way.  You see, THI started with a customer first.

For any business having a customer before it officially offered products or services would be unusual, but ours enjoyed such fortune.  I remember the day in 1995 that I met with the new owner of a Montana ranch.  I was just happy to be out of the office on a warm summer day; the kind of day every Montanan waits for after a long winter.  As the owner and I walked the property and examined the condition of Brackett Creek, I made a few notes on the pad I carried. This stream had been a lounging place for cattle, and it showed, but I could feel its potential for trout.

”Well,” Mr. Enrico asked me, “what would you do with this stream if it were on your property?”  I told him that I’d start by trying to figure out what he had, what was working, and what wasn’t.  This process, called assessment, or “baseline-assessment” to be precise, would eventually become the backbone of THI’s turn-key approach to stream, river and wetland restoration and repair.

“So, you’ll send me a proposal?” he said.  And without ceremony, Roger Enrico, the soon to be Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, would become my new firm’s first customer.  Having a customer before we had a business has served us well.  We didn’t have a preconceived idea of what we would do for our customer, which gave us special insight into the importance of the customer’s needs, wishes and dreams.  From our first customer, our  “customer-first” philosophy has directed our firm, products, and processes.  From such a beginning, maintaining focus on our customers has remained our top priority.

Mr. Enrico was the first of many customers who would teach our firm how to provide value.  We’ve listened carefully to the men and women who have supported the company as customers, employees and affiliates, letting their combined vision, goals and expertise help guide our initiatives and meet each set of challenges.  Contact THI today to discuss your freshwater restoration or enhancement needs.

Learn more: http://troutheadwaters.com/clubecoblu/?page_id=648

The “Johnny Willowseed” Approach to Stream Restoration Is Both Practical and Low Cost

Johnny Willowseed approach to restorationJust as Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) made practical and lasting contributions to apple production in the U.S., our firm strives to make practical and lasting contributions to stream and river restoration, often through plantings of willow and other native riparian species.

In 1995, Trout Headwaters, Inc (THI) was founded to provide service to private, non-profit, and government clients.  At a time when fewer than a handful of entities across the U.S. were providing stream, river or wetland restoration services, the company quickly became a recognized leader in “soft” biostabilization and riparian restoration strategies.

For many years the company has teamed with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others to develop and refine these environmentally superior techniques for stream stabilization and restoration.  A state regulator, reviewing one of THI’s early landmark projects remarked that we had used a “Johnny Willowseed” approach.  Working WITH nature has indeed been a precept of the firm since its founding and one that we’re immensely proud to continue through today.

Proven, Practical Innovation  

In 2001, THI began developing and testing proprietary technologies for river, stream and wetland inventory, assessment, design, and monitoring.  Ultimately, several of these processes were commercialized by sister company THI RiverWorks.  U.S. Patents for restoration methods, processes, and computer software were received beginning in 2006.

So while Trout Headwaters continues to offer the same services it did when first founded, the company has constantly changed and improved its process and its products.  This commitment to improving quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness has resulted in now more than 450 successful projects all across the U.S.  The company’s work has been featured in diverse publications including Land & Water, Erosion Control, Landscape Architect, Outdoor Life, and many others.

Customer Focus

Expect however our hallmark to remain always unchanged: A dedication to serving the nation’s most discriminating clients by delivering cost-effective and ecologically beneficial restoration products and services.

At THI our guiding principle is always to stay customer-focused. Each one of our clients has helped us achieve what we believe to be the lead position in the aquatic restoration industry.   But why take our word for it, listen to a sample of what our clients are saying:

“We have received award-winning attention for our sustainable, green design and development efforts, much of which is directly attributable to THI.” – Cielo Falls (NC)

“You and your team were nothing short of spectacular! Great communication on all projects and their status, along with an attitude that reflects your sincere care and passion for your profession consistently exceeded my expectations.” - 3 Peaks Ranch (MT)

“As you know I’ve worked with other firms on river restoration projects, prior to engaging THI.  As such, I have come to appreciate the quality of your firm’s work in an industry where many firms offer dramatic results but fail to deliver.”- River Ranch Restoration LLC (CO)

“Simply put, Trout Headwaters, Inc. is the transition captain, adding value by enhancing natural attributes of these ecologically important ranches.”- Live Water Properties (WY)

To learn more or contact us – Visit www.troutheadwaters.com

DC Environmental Film Fest Selects “Where the Yellowstone Goes” for Line-Up

The adventure-documentary “Where the Yellowstone Goes” will make its Washington, D.C. premier at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital next month. In its 21st year in Washington, the festival will consider the vital role of earth’s rivers in human survival.

Introduced by Rebecca Wodder, Senior Advisor to the Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior, and attended by Director Hunter Weeks and Producer Sarah Hall, “Where the Yellowstone Goes,” will be shown at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 18, 2013 in the U.S. Department of the Interior Yates Auditorium, located at 1849 C St., NW, Washington, D.C.

“This is a story about life on one of our greatest, most-preserved rivers. It explores some serious conservation issues along with great fishing, but ultimately is about each of our lives and the impact we make while we’re here,” said Hunter Weeks, director of the film.  

This event is FREE and no reservations are required, however, it is strongly advised to arrive at least an hour early. Trout Headwaters, Inc. is the premier sponsor of the film.

Embark on a 30-day drift boat expedition down the longest free-flowing river in the continental United States. From the Gateway to Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, Montana to the confluence of the Missouri River at historic Fort Buford, North Dakota, two boats drift north along the Yellowstone River. Led by a fly-fishing guide and fourth-generation Montanan, this inspirational journey takes place amongst the peaceful sounds of a massive water flow, flanked on each side by rugged mountains, plains full of big game and an unending sky showcasing bald eagles and osprey. Connect with colorful characters, get lost in the hypnotic cast of a fly rod and experience fireside stories on this river adventure. Intimate portraits of locals in both booming cities and dusty, dwindling towns along the Yellowstone River illustrate the history and controversies surrounding this enigmatic watershed, leading to questions about its future.

Trout Headwaters http://www.troutheadwaters.com  – Montana http://www.visitmt.com/  – Simms http://www.simmsfishing.com/  – Costa Sunglasses http://www.costadelmar.com/ – F3T http://flyfilmtour.com/ – American Rivers  http://americanrivers.org/

You can buy Where the Yellowstone Goes on iTunes via https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/where-the-yellowstone-goes/id568038692 or at WheretheYellowstoneGoes.com http://www.wheretheyellowstonegoes.com/

Read more about the film: http://www.wheretheyellowstonegoes.com/

Read more about the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital: http://www.dcenvironmentalfilmfest.org/films/show/994

The Yellowstone River Guide to Conservation, Recreation, Education and More

Trout Headwaters, Inc is pleased to release the 2013 FREE Yellowstone River Guide  for Conservation, Recreation, Education and other Resources.  This brand new guide gives you everything you need to plan your Yellowstone adventure for a short half-day or for a month.  More, it provides stakeholders with valuable conservation information and many resource links to insure this national treasure is forever conserved and protected.  Download a .pdf  THI.The Yellowstone Guide or download Free eBook for iPad via http://www.troutheads.org

For shops, lodges, guides and others wishing to order FREE hardcopies of the printed brochure please contact us to request.