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Sprague Elected to Lead National Mitigation Banking Association

From Left: Don Ross, Donna Collier, Randy Vogel, Michael Sprague, Bart James

National Mitigation Banking Association Board (NMBA) Officers from left: Don Ross, Donna Collier, Randy Vogel, Michael Sprague, and NMBA Executive Director Bart James

Michael Sprague of Trout Headwaters, Inc. was recently elected President of the National Mitigation Banking Association’s (NMBA) board of directors at the association’s annual meeting and conference held in Orlando, Florida.

The 15-member board is made up of environmental professionals from across the U.S. working to support and enable stream, wetland and habitat restoration. NMBA works to satisfy federal wetland and stream requirements within the Clean Water Act, federal species mitigation requirements within the Endangered Species Act, as well as biodiversity and other conservation needs for private and public lands.

“We are thrilled Mike has agreed to lead the association this year,” said NMBA’s immediate past-president Wayne White of Sacramento, California“Mike’s tireless work on the board the last few years, especially last year as vice president working on strategies for data analysis, industry tax incentives, marketing and growth of our association, and improving regulation and regulatory review has been a tremendous help in solidifying the NMBA’s standing with Government and Regulatory agencies throughout the nation, ” he said.

Restoration, enhancement, and preservation of important wetlands, streams, or other habitats are the backbone of the industry. Sprague’s company, Trout Headwaters, Inc. has pioneered sustainable approaches to stream, wetland, and habitat renewal and repair since 1995.

“I’m humbled and honored to be asked to help lead the National Mitigation Banking Association Board at a time when our industry’s work is so valued by both government and the conservation community. My fellow board members and NMBA’s broader membership have proven to be fine industry stewards, all giving of their time and extensive expertise to help restore and protect water and vital species habitat throughout the U.S.”  More via Ecosystem Marketplace 

The NMBA brings together leaders who are committed to restoring and conserving America’s wetlands, streams, and other habitat resources – a concept that unites sound economic and environmental practices. First established in 1998, the organization promotes federal legislation and regulatory policy that encourages mitigation banking as a means of compensating for adverse impacts to our nation’s environment.

To learn more about NMBA http://www.mitigationbanking.org

For more on Trout Headwaters, Inc.  http://www.troutheadwaters.com

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Restoration Works Since 1995

A “Johnny Willowseed” Approach

In 1995, Trout Headwaters, Inc (THI) was founded to provide service to private, non-profit, and government clients.  At a time when only a handful of private entities across the U.S. were providing stream, wetland, or habitat restoration services, the company quickly became a recognized leader in “soft” biostabilization and riparian restoration strategies.

2010505 101For many years the company has teamed with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others to develop and refine these environmentally superior techniques for stream stabilization and restoration.  A state regulator, reviewing one of THI’s early landmark projects remarked that we had used a “Johnny Willowseed” approach.  Working WITH nature has indeed been a precept of the firm since its founding and one that we’re immensely proud to continue through today.

Proven, Practical Innovation  

Back in 2001, THI began developing and testing proprietary technologies for river, stream and wetland inventory, assessment, design, and monitoring.  Ultimately, several of these processes were commercialized and patented by sister company THI RiverWorks.  The work of building and commercializing technology for the restoration industry, including big data platforms Mitigation Analyst and EcoBlu Analyst, continues through today.

Narciso RodriguezSo while Trout Headwaters continues to offer the same services it did when first founded, the company has constantly changed and improved its process and its products.  This commitment to improving quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness has resulted in now more than 450 successful projects all across the U.S.  The company’s work has been featured in diverse publications including Erosion Control, Landscape Architect, Huffington Post, Land Report, and many others. See Recent Work via Blurb

Customer Focus

Expect however our hallmark to remain always unchanged: A dedication to serving the nation’s most discriminating clients by delivering cost-effective and ecologically beneficial restoration products and services.

THI Project Copyright 2012At THI our guiding principle is always to stay customer-focused. Each one of our clients has helped us achieve what we believe to be the lead position in the aquatic restoration industry.   But why take our word for it, listen to a sample of what our clients are saying:

“You and your team were nothing short of spectacular! Great communication on all projects and their status, along with an attitude that reflects your sincere care and passion for your profession consistently exceeded my expectations.” – 3 Peaks Ranch

“As you know I’ve worked with other firms on river restoration projects, prior to engaging THI.  As such, I have come to appreciate the quality of your firm’s work in an industry where many firms offer dramatic results but fail to deliver.”- River Ranch Restoration 

“We have received award-winning attention for our sustainable, green design and development efforts, much of which is directly attributable to THI.” – Cielo Falls

To learn more Contact Us

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Experience EcoBlu Podcast Series – A Millers River

Join host Mike Sprague from Trout Headwaters to explore a wide cross section of applied ecological restoration in the U.S.  In this series, Experience EcoBlu takes you from the laboratory to the field and from the theory to the ground with some of the top YellowstoneRiverOar.THI.JareckeCopyright2013experts, scientists and policy-makers.

“As moderator for this series, I thought we’d start where I started, near a small town in western Massachusetts, on the eve of the Clean Water Act.   On the Millers River…


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Trout Headwaters Is Proud to Honor National Service

THI Lisa Marr, WisCorps's Matt Brantner and Willie BittnerTrout Headwaters (THI) is proud to recognize the honorees of this year’s National Service Awards.  THI’s Lisa Marr (shown here with WisCorps’s Matt Brantner Willie Bittner) and Luke Frazza joined hundreds of distinguished guests for an evening of salute during the 12th Annual Friends of National Service Awards tonight in Washington.  Luke Frazza said, “It was an honor to be there when US Senator Orrin Hatch received the Edward M. Kennedy National Service Lifetime Leadership Award.   His long history of public service and strong commitment to the service community is an inspiration to us all.”

Voices for National Service and the entire national service community filled the East Hall at Washington’s historic Union Station for the opportunity to recognize leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who have contributed to building a culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility within America.

The 2015 Awards and Honorees included members of the U.S. Congress, governors, mayors, corporations, and a Washington Post columnist.

More via: http://www.voicesforservice.org/

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Restoration Trainings Reach Critical Benchmark

A packed house attended today’s Waders in the Water aquatic restoration workshop at The Corps Network’s annual conference in Washington. The standing room only crowd got an update from Trout Headwaters, Inc (THI) President Mike Sprague on the one-year anniversary of the launch of the nationwide youth conservation corps green jobs program.

Sprague told the crowd that the program has now reached into 20 states across 16 Corps and continues to grow. He credited the rapid expansion to the newly climate-friendly, cost-effective live webinar delivery of the training and said more corps are taking the opportunity to train multiple crews as well as crew leaders. Corps Network Vice President Marie Walker added “we are happy to report that interest in the Waders in the Water training program from both member corps and funders alike continues to grow.”

ACE Waders in the Water graduates install restoration work on Kern Meadow

Youth Corps Waders in the Water graduates install restoration work on Kern Meadow (photo via American Conservation Experience)

American Conservation Experience President Chris Baker and New Jersey Youth Corps Phillipsburg Director Mike Muckle joined the presentation, sharing their excitement over their recent teaming agreement to join forces on a series of aquatic restoration projects in New Jersey. After both corps had participated in the Waders in the Water Level I training, they partnered to fill an urgent workforce need in the restoration industry and entered into a public-private partnership with Mid-Atlantic restoration industry pioneer GreenVest to work on at least three projects. Sprague explained that fieldwork will serve as the proving grounds for the next level in the program, the Waders in the Water Level II training and certification.

GreenVest CEO Doug Lashley expressed his excitement today, attending the conference for meetings to kick off the restoration projects.  “Educating youth at an early age on stewardship and an appreciation for the environment will equip them for future jobs in the outdoors, enhance local economies, and most importantly, encourage an understanding that  water quality impacts all forms of life. Corporate America can help support this opportunity through Public-Private Partnerships as a method of complying with their growing internal sustainability initiatives. It is an investment with no limit on the returns.”

Sprague recalled that when The Corps Network and Trout Headwaters (THI) rolled out Waders in the Water last year, some wondered if the training would be too expensive, if individual corps could unite to work together, or if industry would embrace this newly trained workforce. “We’re clearly putting all those questions to rest,” he said.

Corps Network members may participate in any of the upcoming 2-day, Level I online trainings by registering here:

February 18 & 19,

Mar. 2 & 3,

April 6 & 7

Read the Full News Release Here> Waders in the Water News Release



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U.S. Regulatory Update – 2015 Ecosystem Banking Forum

The 2015 National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida May 4-8.  Founded in 1997 with a diverse steering committee of regulators, bankers and Michael Sprague.Oceanographic Museum.Submarineenvironmentalist, this is the first – and only – National hands-on conference for mitigation, conservation and ecosystem banking that focuses on banking to protect wetlands, endangered species and other natural resources.

We hope you’ll make plans to attend the Friday morning Regulatory Update moderated by Michael Sprague, President of Trout Headwaters, Inc and featuring officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. >See Detailed Agenda http://www.mitigationbankingconference.com/mitigation_agenda.htm or >Register for the conference http://www.mitigationbankingconference.com/mitigation_registration_fees.htm

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From the Field Today – Red Eft


This eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) is  common to eastern North America.  This land dwelling bright orange juvenile, known as a red eft, paid a visit to a Trout Headwaters technician during recent site work in North Carolina.  The newts frequent small lakes, ponds, and streams or near-by wet forests. They can coexist in an aquatic environment with small, noncarnivorous fish, as their skin secretes a poisonous substance when the newt is threatened or injured. They have lifespans of 12 to 15 years in the wild, and may grow to five inches in length.

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A Community on Ecosystem Services – Washington DC

ACESvisualRegistration is now open for one of the world’s premier ecosystem services conferences. ACES 2014 will highlight policy, best practices, and emerging science in the ecosystem services community. In anticipation of ACES 2014, several reports and tools will be released in conjunction with the conference, including the FRMES Guidebook! Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of foundational discussions that will shape the future of ecosystem services, register to attend today. More via www.conference.ifas.ufl.edu/ACES

To schedule a meeting with Trout Headwaters, Inc representatives at the December conference Contact Us.

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Industry Support Grows for Aquatic Restoration Partnership

WadersintheWaterTrainingcopyright2014THIWashington, DC – September 2, 2014 – Aquatic restoration businesses continue to express excitement as Youth Corps nationwide are receiving training and certification for climate-ready aquatic restoration. Graduates of the Waders in the Water training program, created by The Corps Network and Trout Headwaters Inc., will be skilled in aquatic safety, knowledgeable about installation techniques, and ready to provide business and government reliable restoration on streams, rivers and wetlands across the U.S. This industry-recognized credential will build important bridges to enable youth to enter conservation careers by learning how to improve the health, productivity, and climate-resiliency of our streams, rivers, and wetlands. >Read More via http://corpsnetwork.org/industry-support-grows-restoration-private-public-partnership or See Video Clip of several Corps members at training



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State of the Markets – Latest Mitigation Industry Report

State of the Markets CoverTrout Headwaters, in conjunction with the National Mitigation Banking Association is pleased to release its annual “State of the Markets” Report for 2014 showing trends in Wetland Mitigation Banking over the period from 2000-2013 with updated data provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  This concise report is available only to THI clients and partners interested in the latest statistics and trends for the growing industry.  To request a copy by email info@troutheadwaters.com

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