The Taimen Conservation Project – Notes from the Field July 27, 2011

This series follows University of Montana graduate student Dan Bailey as he travels the wilds of Mongolia to survey and tag Taimen, the world’s largest trout. From the team’s remote field camp, Dan will post to the Club EcoBlu blog as he assists with the Taimen Conservation Project this summer.  Taimen are highly endangered, have been known to grow to 6-ft long and more than 200 lbs.  The information gathered will aid in drafting a conservation plan to protect this megafish.  Trout Headwaters, Inc. is a sponsor of the project.

Notes from the Field – July 27, 2011

We are just finishing up our work in the capitol city of Ulaanbaatar getting prepared to head to the Delger Murun River for the next two months.  The spring season of tagging was very successful with 27 taimen tagged.  As usual, the spring season fished well producing explosive top water action and some large fish.

The highlight of the season was catching the annual minnow migration and watching a pack of taimen systematically hunt these large schools of minnows as they tried to swim through the rapids of our “Red Rock Pool”, aptly named because of the beautiful rock formations that line this section of river.  Fifteen taimen were caught out of this one pool, with four fish taping out over 44 inches and multiple double hookups, which is extremely rare for taimen fishing.  Nuka, Mongolian graduate student and member of Fish Mongolia’s taimen science team just completed three weeks of training on the Eg/Uur River with the Taimen Science Camp and Dr. Olaf Jenson of Rutgers University.  Taimen science collaborations are becoming much more common throughout the Mongolian science community.

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